Healing Racism Through The Body

In Our Temple

BIBOC Healing Circle

Our Black bodies are still hunted. And we have the RIGHT to be FREE.

The traumas of our ancestors are locked in our bodies. Our inherite transgenerational traumas has kept us contracted in fear and shame. The impact of microaggressions, unwelcoming spaces, and oppression are often invisible and leave an imprint on the body. This imprint directly affects authentic human expression and interaction further isolating the individual. Through movement we work through the psychological knots and wounds it has created, so negative emotions can be released.

There are many layers of unlearning and healing that must happen in solidarity with one another in order for liberation to occur. These important conversations require all of us to get curious, get in our bodies and get listening.

It’s time to come together through movement, dance and dialoging so that we can heal the divide between us and stand united, for and with each other. It’s an opportunity to reflect deeply on the trauma, grief, and fear experienced in Black communities and other communities of color on a daily basis.

These sessions are an exploration of interconnectedness of our mind and body while making space for new discoveries to emerge. Through embodied movement we access an opportunity to become more aware of our bodies, increase tolerance for sensation, access greater movement repertoire and reclaim some bodily authority or agency within our lived experience of oppression.

As a response to the awakening occurring right now in this country and in the world. We are creating a safe and supportive environment for each other to explore, be creative and reflect upon our own experiences and beyond.

The Black experience in America and around the world is one of traumatic invalidation