Don’t Hide from Your Own Vitality

Sensual Embodiment

Break Loose and Be FREE

Getting comfortable with your sensuality may help to eliminate some barriers that exist when it comes to feeling confident, sexy, and lovable. When you explore your sensuality and get to know what makes you feel good about yourself, you opt out of the external validating culture and the scripts that have been written for you. You chose your own path based on what is honest and true for you as an individual, ultimately leading you to your highest potential.

It’s time to get aligned, get deeply present, tap into your flow, and open yourself up to new, powerful opportunities. 

It’s sensuality that opens the gate to experiencing our authentic self. It allows us to feel deeply connected to ourselves and to others. Women, it’s time to get in touch with your sensuality.

When is the last time you checked in with your sensual self, to just stop, be still and take few deep breaths.

Removing Shame……enables you to understand sensuality as a mindset and an effective way to bring joy into your life on a daily basis.

I want to create a space that encourages women to come back home to themselves, to their body, and to tap into the fullness of WHO THEY ARE. To rediscover and heighten the connection to their sensual selves.

When we start to recognize sensuality for what it truly is, a powerful life force within us all, we can harness it as a portal to greater creativity and confidence. When women own their bodies they come into alignment with their true selves. We should all learn to explore our levels of sensuality, for a sensual woman is a powerful woman.

Do not hide from your own vitality. Expand your capacity. Do more of what enlivens you. Express your true self, not an image of what you believe others might want to experience.

“When you dial down your sensuality or limit it to certain areas, you curb your ability to feel joy and pleasure in all aspects of your life. You diminish the possibility of igniting your sexual energy which is your life-force energy and can be used in and out of bed.”

~ Lila Darville