You Are NOT Broken

Somatic Healing

To Heal is To Allow and Feel

The word “somatic” is derived from the Greek word “soma” which means “the living body known from within”.

The body has memories of trauma that can only be understood through the language of the Soma.

Somatic Healing provides a powerful and direct path into the body’s wisdom and our innate capacities for healing. We work with the body to help you find its natural rhythm of self-regulation.

The process works at the deepest levels of the nervous system helping to reset and engage the body in a mindful way in order to free up and release the stress hormones and tension from the body.

By starting to listen to the signals of your body, you begin to create a sense of internal safety, which allows you to heal

Often times, trauma disconnects individuals from their body in order to avoid feeling emotional or physical discomfort. Over time, this response becomes a habitual pattern and we lose touch with our deepest feelings. By using the direct physical experience of the body as a healing tool, a client can be helped by being present in their body’s sensations, creating a sense of safety and control, reducing symptoms while working through old wounds. Paying attention to the sensations, impulses, and movements of the body helps bring forth insights that our thinking mind can’t access.

Somatic Healing is a gentle and sensitive approach, and establishing a sense of safety and trust is the foundation of each session. We work through traumatic events to help clients amplify their feelings, perceptions, and thoughts about an event, ultimately to change and learn how to resource and metabolize traumatic experiences.

When one feels safe, movements and expression of emotions can be more spontaneous, and one can be free to realize their fullest potential

I carefully observe and guide the session by tracking both physical and emotional responses. Through means of exploring various somatic practices and interventions.

We must experience ourselves in an embodied way. This type of healing can offer a variety of benefits that calm the nervous system, emotionally regulate, enhanced body related self confidence, and reframe our connection to ourselves and the environment.To promote a feeling of well being, safety, and impulse for life. 

Empower your self, through your self!