Oyámie facilitated our session with care, passion, and intention. She was careful to consider the personal stories of all the participants and shared her own story to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. She gave clear and concise information about the ways that trauma is stored in the nervous system. The grounding techniques she offered to help regulate the nervous system were practical, effective, and soothing. I came away from the session with a greater sense of respect for my body and my ability to be a resilient, grounded person.

— Amanda B.

Oyámie is an extra special light to have witnessed. She truly allowed me to release myself. Her spirit is strong. Tres Forte!
— Ashley O.

The Body Liberation Dance with Oyámie sealed the retreat, it was the most beautiful freedom/connection experience of bliss. I super appreciated the art experiences to be more in my body after absorbing so much information.
— Melissa H.

Body Liberation Dance was an experience that defies words. Truly transformative.
— Kristina B.

Thank you so much. I had an amazing experience at the session and your movement class woke something in me I hadn’t felt in a long time. I will always appreciate it. Thank you.

— Bobby A

Thank you so much! Thank you for help making the retreat an exceptional experience for me. I’m so grateful for your kind and loving guidance throughout the yoga movement session yesterday

— Jacqueline F

Your session truly was so important for me to experience during the silent retreat.  It helped me to integrate all of the information I had leaned and embody the experience into my soul.  I cried many tears of joy, release and freedom. You did a great job at creating a safe container and I felt like I could really let go, drop some anxiety and let the music move me.

— Past Participant

Thank you so much. That was so powerful and exactly what I needed – but didn’t realize until afterwards. Blessings to you!
— Past Participant.

Oyámie’s class was life changing. That might sound extreme, but to me it’s the best way to describe it. I experienced more healing during her class than I had in years of therapy, healthy living, etc. I felt like my body and soul were reconnecting and I was able to move so much trauma out of my system. Thank you, Oyámie, this was truly an incredible gift to experience.

— Crista S.

I was very excited and a little nervous to try Body Liberation Dance with Oyámie. But from her personality to the playlist, to the space that she held, I felt supported and safe to move my body; to freely express myself. I have participated in workshops with oyámie several times and each time I learn something remarkable about myself.

— Rebecca E.