Body Liberation Journey @ Floyd Yoga Jam

This is not just a class, but an experience!

I invite you to come as you are and take a journey with me as we become curious and explore all the different ways our bodies climax in joy….to be embodied, sensual, and free.

Together we get lost in movement, primal play, breath, sound, dance and touch. We are slowing things down to see what could emerge as we expand our awareness and open up our senses to guide us back home to ourselves.

I bring a unique set of experience that is ingrained within me since I was a child.

The ancient wisdom of dance and movement as a gateway to access the highest spiritual level.

I create a space where we can safely give permission to access the innate intelligence of our soma and fully express our authentic self.

Hourly Schedule

Friday September 1st

2:00pm - 3:00pm
BLJ Workshop
Brahma Nirvana


Aug 31 2023 - Sep 03 2023


All Day


Floyd Yoga Jam
Floyd Yoga Jam
Floyd, VA