Embodied Wisdom of Sensuality

The benefits of a more intimate connection with ourselves can be profound. Removing Shame……enables you to understand sensuality as a mindset and an effective way to enjoy life on a daily basis. When we start to recognize sensuality for what it truly is—a powerful life force within us all—we can harness it as a portal to greater creativity and confidence. When women own their bodies they come into alignment with their true selves. Take a journey with me to understanding how SENSUALITY can become a vehicle for self-knowledge and personal power.

Strive to experience sensuality in every moment. Seek it out, take it in and let it fill you. Savor it. Learn to accept it without guilt. Use all your senses. Learn to find pleasure in tastes, smells and sounds as you have in sights and erotic sensations on your skin.


Feb 05 2021


EST (New York)
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Zoom Meeting - Link will be sent upon registration